Welcome to JP Davis & RJ Stevenson Consultants and Associates, LLC

Welcome to JP Davis & RJ Stevenson Consultants and Associates, LLC

Welcome to JP Davis & RJ Stevenson Consultants and Associates, LLCWelcome to JP Davis & RJ Stevenson Consultants and Associates, LLCWelcome to JP Davis & RJ Stevenson Consultants and Associates, LLC

Who We Are and What We Do

JP Davis and RJ Stevenson Consultants and Associates, LLC is a company with a broad array of human service expertise and more than 200 years of  combined experience in the following areas: human resources, team and executive coaching, public relations, law enforcement, cultural awareness, and leadership development.

Managing generational and cultural changes in today's society is a journey. Our goal is to provide relevant education and information for the journey.

We believe that developing relationships, if even for a short time, leads to trust building thereby increasing acceptance of others and minimizing conflicts in society.

Our experience and knowledge allow us to offer our clients and potential clients a customized plan of education employing a variety of methods. Through consultation, we assist in developing a strategic approach to maximize organizational effectiveness through the development of human resources. 

Our Core Values Every Encounter, Every day

Professional Integrity, Commitment to Excellence, Dignity in Relationships

Managing Partners

Jennifer Pharr Davis



Jennifer Pharr Davis is a Human Resource Professional and Generalist with several decades of experience in corporate, manufacturing, public and private sector organizations. She is an objective and respected coach, leader, facilitator, and author with a broad base of experience and expertise in business, human resources, workplace issues and relationships. An IBM retiree, Mrs. Davis is the former Director of Discipleship Ministry for the Western North Carolina Conference of the United Methodist Church, the first lay person in the WNCC to hold this position. 

A certified Diversity Consultant, Mrs. Davis is also a motivational speaker, and co-author of three books. Her first single book, A Faith Greater Than Grief, was released in August, 2014. She served with the Gaston County Board of Education for 12 years, and was the first African-American to chair the Board in 2002 serving in that position for two years. Mrs. Davis has served on numerous other community boards including the Civil Service Board for the Gaston County Police Department and the Gaston College Board of Trustees. Mrs. Davis is also a certified Five Factor Personality Assessment Consultant.

Featured in the June 2009 publication of Black Enterprise Magazine, Jennifer also hosted a weekly radio show, “Shammah Time ”, and was featured in “Brown in Black and White”, a 2006 documentary developed by award-winning Broadcaster Steve Crump regarding the 1954 Supreme Court decision on the impact of desegregation in schools in Gastonia, North Carolina . She produced and developed a video, “One Time” with Tavis Smiley, TV show host, personality, author, and commentator.

Since her retirement from IBM in 1993, Mrs. Davis has served as a consultant and facilitator for many organizations including the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department, Charlotte, North Carolina, and a number of other police departments, local governments, and large and small corporations across the United States. A volunteer in many organizations, Mrs. Davis has received numerous awards and recognitions for her commitment to her community and the well being of others.

 A graduate of Highland High School in Gastonia, North Carolina, Mrs. Davis continued her education at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro where she majored in English. 

Rudolph "Rudy" Stevenson



Rudolph (Rudy) Stevenson is a retired law enforcement professional with three decades of experience in two large police organizations. He is a highly respected officer, detective, and supervisor known for his courage, character, candor, and passionate care for the communities he served and the officers he supervised. In his retirement, he continues to mentor and coach other law enforcement professionals.

Rudy joined the Metropolitan Police Department, Washington DC in 1985. He served in several district operational assignments including patrol, vice/narcotics and the motorcycle unit. Stevenson also served as a certified firearms instructor assigned to the Police Academy.

In December of 1992, Stevenson joined the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department, Charlotte North Carolina and was the first officer hired under a newly established lateral transfer program. Stevenson served in a variety of assignments which included patrol, robbery and Federal Task Force detective assigned to the FBI Safe Streets Task Force. As part of the federal task force operations, Stevenson was granted a Top Secret Security Clearance from the Department of Justice and assigned to investigate violent crimes.

In November 2008, Stevenson was promoted to the rank of Sergeant, and assigned to the Criminal Investigations Bureau/ATF Federal Task Force. While assigned as an Operations Task Force Supervisor, Stevenson was responsible for the daily operations of undercover narcotics and firearms operations. 

In May of 2010, Stevenson was asked to supervise the Charlotte-Mecklenburg  Police Department, Criminal Investigations Bureau/Homicide Unit. Sgt. Stevenson’s responsibilities included overseeing all criminal investigations involving police officers, officer involved shootings, homicides, suicides and suspicious deaths. He retired from CMPD in December, 2014 after 30 years of service. During his time of service in Charlotte, Stevenson appeared in several episodes of the television show, The First 48 and a 2000 documentary that followed the investigation into the death of Fred Lane, a Carolina Panthers football player. 

Stevenson holds an Associate’s Degree from Central Piedmont Community College and a Bachelor of Science degree from Western Carolina University. Stevenson also holds an Advance Law Enforcement Certificate from the Department of Justice/Criminal Justice Education and Training Standards Commission.

Our Team


Director of Executive Coaching

Amia Canada Massey is the Assistant Human Resources Director for Gaston County, North Carolina. She is a consummate professional with proven leadership ability, a strong HR generalist background, and significant experience as an Executive Coach. Amia's expertise includes organizational and people development, strategic planning , performance management, financial management, and public speaking. A graduate of Davidson College, Amia holds an MBA from the University of Phoenix.


Director of Social Behavior and Accountability

R. Dwayne Burks is a dynamic, engaging, entertaining speaker with an uncanny knack for finding common ground among seemingly unconnected groups of people.  Dwayne has more than 25 years of relational experience spanning three continents and has a passion for assisting non-profit organizations. He currently serves as the Chaplain and Social Responsibilities Director for the Gaston County YMCA where he oversees the administration of the Resource Connection Gateway.  


Director of Organizational and Team Development

Pamela P. Overcash is a skilled Executive Manager and communications expert with an accomplished career in organizational development, public relations, television news and production spanning more than thirty years.  A graduate of Emerson College in Boston, Massachusetts, Pam is the former Public Information Officer for Gaston County, North Carolina and for the past ten years has served as the Director of Human Resources for Gaston County. Her previous and current experience include an in-depth knowledge of human resource elements and structural operations necessary to successfully  govern any organization.   




Director of Professional Standards

Demarco Jeter, a native of Charlotte, North Carolina is a twenty-one year veteran of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department. Currently serving as a Patrol and Investigations Lieutenant, his impressive career also includes positions in Street Drug Interdiction, Violent Crimes Task Force, and as a Homicide Sergeant. Lt. Jeter’s law enforcement experience is paralleled by his excellent service and passionate commitment to community and youth. Demarco holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Fayetteville State University.   

He received the Governor’s Award for 2000 hours of community service in one year tutoring and coaching youth in North Carolina.


About Us


Through consultation, we assist in developing a strategic approach to maximizing organizational effectiveness through the development of human resources. 


Our experience and knowledge allow us to offer our clients and potential clients a customized plan of education employing a variety of methods


Our combined background and skills allow us to provide a unique array of services to all types of organizations.

We are committed to provide excellence, passion, and integrity in our services and relationships, always giving more than is expected.


Our Team

The education, training, and experience of our team is diverse and extensive, and includes a work history with large and small business, government and faith based organizations, law enforcement, and non-profit agencies. Our combination of unique skills and knowledge includes Human Resources, Executive Coaching, and Leadership Development which  allows us to immediately connect with any organization. 


Our History

Our business launched as the result of two consulting concepts with a common desire to bridge the cultural and societal divide that seems to plague businesses and organizations today. The personal and professional relationships of our partners and associates are built on a set of common core values intended to make a difference in the lives of others. 


Our Mission

We believe everyone has a story to tell and every story deserves to be heard. Therefore, our mission is to engage, educate, empower, and encourage all by facilitating conversations, no matter how difficult, so that we can build strong, healthy relationships and organizations.

Areas of Expertise

Managing Cultural Shifts


For more than three decades, “diversity training” has been a major topic of discussion for every type of organization as they have attempted to increase understanding across lines of differences for the purpose of building healthy relationships. Managing generational and cultural changes in society is a journey. Our goal is to provide relevant education and information for the journey. We believe that developing relationships, if even for a short time, leads to trust building thereby increasing acceptance of others and minimizing conflicts in society. We prefer the term “Diversity Education” as we facilitate conversations that allow participants to explore their cultural perspectives and learn from that of others.

Organizational Development / Transformation


The structure and processes of an organization have a direct impact on employee behavior, morale, and motivation. Organization development is the method by which we examine every aspect of your business practices for the purpose of maximizing employee performance and effectiveness. This includes, but is not limited to: assessing and defining the organization’s culture, employment practices, succession planning, performance/behavior management, and leadership development.

Leadership/Professional Development


“Everything rises and falls on leadership”. John C. Maxwell – Developing the Leader Within You

The success of every organization is dependent on the skills, abilities, and character of the people who are responsible for directing and advancing its activities and developing employees. Our goal is to assist your organization in developing great leaders who develop great leaders. Our Leadership Academies are intended to do just that and more. They begin with an intense focus on self-awareness and personal development, an emphasis on succession planning, and progress through practical applications and case studies that assist in identifying and developing the next organizational leaders. Throughout the Academies, participants will be encouraged to perfect and gain confidence in applying their individual leadership style. 

Executive Coaching


Effective coaching is based on solid relationships.  Our coaches will partner with you to identify and define your vision, create personal and professional action plans, and ensure you are working toward achieving your goals.  Your coach will guide, inspire, and motivate you to take action, get focused, improve performance, or work through critical change. Our focused conversations will help you to explore the strategies needed to successfully accomplish your goals.  

Categories of Service

Managing Cultural Shifts

Exploring and Understanding :

* Cultural Norms and Values

* Implicit Bias

* Leading in a Climate of Change

*Microaggressions and Micro-inequities

* Power, Privilege, Position

 *Building Community - Pre-Crisis


* Communication Styles

* Relationship/Trust Building


* Personal and Professional Development 

* Team Building

* Leadership Assessment Tools

* Communication Styles

* Optimizing Strengths for Peak 


Organizational Development / Transformation

*  Executive Leadership Development

* Optimizing  Performance

* Vision Casting 

* Structure and Strategy

* Mission and Purpose

* Board Governance


Leadership / Professional Development

* Leadership Assessment Tools

    (Big 5 / Disc / 360 Feedback)

* Leadership Academy




* Mentoring

Special Services

* Objective overview / assessment of 

    internal decisions and policies

* Sexual and Workplace Harassment  


* Employee Complaint Interviews

* Community Engagement Forums





* Focus Groups

* One -on- One Interviews

* Organizational  Consult and 


* Outcome and Objectives 


* Small and Large Group Discussions

* Strategic Planning

* Story Telling

* Table Talk

* Video / Media

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